Bullseye Members Club

The Bullseye Members Club is a pioneering subscription service that transforms the approach to vehicle dent repairs. For a nominal annual fee of $49, members are entitled to an exceptional benefit: a significant $100 discount on every dent repair service for the duration of one full year, without any restriction on usage frequency.

This offer is not just limited to the subscribers themselves; it can be generously shared with their friends and family, allowing them to also take advantage of these substantial savings.

Did you know that Bullseye has perfected the style of repair called T-FORM (Tension Based Factory Original Restoration Method)? What that means is that we can restore minor collision damage to factory specs and retain all the original coatings and integrity of your vehicle.

Typically, these repairs can exceed conventional auto body results. While the cost to perform them may be similar to having a part replaced and painted, the outcome is literally original panels again, much better.

For our Members, we offer $500 discounts on dent repair / T-FORM labor over $3000 and a $1000 discount of dent repair / T-FORM labor over $6000.

The ‘Bullseye Members Club’ is an ideal choice for those who prioritize maintaining their vehicle’s pristine appearance while also seeking to manage potential repair costs effectively. Through this innovative initiative, Bullseye Dent continues to demonstrate its dedication to delivering the highest level repair, and the most customer focused programs in our industry.

The $49 annual membership can be cancelled anytime, but will renew annually if left alone. Remember, you can use your membership unlimited times with everyone in your circle of influence! CoWorkers, family, friends…anyone.

*All Dent Club repairs must be done at our fixed location in Roseville, 1101 Plumber Way Suite 106, 95678

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