The art of paintless dent removal is performed by hand. First by accessing the back of the damaged area. Then using specialized tools and techniques, massaging the metal back into its factory shape. As you can imagine the results vary greatly from one technician to the next. This is the main reason it is so very important to see a review of a company’s work or to get a personal referral for a PDR company before granting access to your vehicle to anyone!

Once a dent is “repaired” poorly, there is little chance of turning back the clock to start over. Often, the next stop is the body shop for Bondo and paint.

This is the main reason we are so proud to display so many photos of our repairs before and most importantly after the process has been completed! We are also proud to tell you that we’ve been working with well known local dealers for years. Most over 8 years!
Please take a few moments and see for yourself:

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